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    A Wonderful

    All times are GMT.

  • Christmas Eve

    17:30 Carols from Kings, mince pies & mulled wine

    Shared watching of Carols from Kings. Mince your own pies and mull your own wine.
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  • Christmas Day

    15:00 Food, chat and some presents

    20:00 Shared wine-tasting

    You are cordially invited to send us £20 and then wait excitedly for your wine-tasting package to arrive. (Households of 3+ drinkers may want 2 packages.)
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  • Boxing Day

    16:00 Party games

    More details to follow.
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    20:00 Family Christmas quiz

    Bring your own round of 10 festive-themed questions if you want. Otherwise, just answer everyone else’s.
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