Sample communications materials

Political writing and design

  • Electoral material for EU politicians. My role: I designed the brochure and wrote all text except Linda McAvan’s biography.
  • Detailed fact sheet intended for doorstep campaigners. My role: I designed the sheet, including the graphics, and wrote all text.
  • Guidelines for writers in UK political debate. My role: I wrote these on request for the EU referendum campaign (for which I was a consultant), intended to help writers unfamiliar with the EU debate, especially journalists.
  • Richard Corbett MEP. My role: I developed and designed this site, based on WordPress, and wrote the majority of text when it was created a few years ago. Lots more content has been added by my successor since then and the structure has been greatly modified, but the design has not changed and about half the content is mine.

Science writing and design

Games writing and design

Strategy and planning


  • Doorstep EU. Originally intended for doorstep campaigners in the UK’s EU referendum, this app provided daily in-depth analysis of the main EU-related stories in the British media. By the final weeks of the campaign it had over 20,000 users — including, I later learned, the majority of Labour MPs, plus many BBC journalists, MEPs and activists. The app still exists, though it’s a shadow of its former self and I no longer manage it. My role: I designed, built, published and updated this app from scratch. I am not a developer, but I used a system intended for non-developers to create the app (and learned some basic coding), so I was able to do all the work in-house.